Gen4 A1409 issues

The last generation of the flat type Time Capsule is now 3-5 years old and hence all of them will be out of warranty and AppleCare. 
It was introduced in June 2011 and finished on June 10, 2013. 

Many of them are suffering from failure after a firmware update or a simple power failure.. it will work and keep working fine as long as never turned off.. but once off will not come on again. 

Typical failure. Dead. But strangely the hard disk is spinning. Put your ear up to the case and listen. 

- status led remains dark
- no lights on startup on ethernet ports
- no responses on ethernet
- but disk is spinning

If you stick it on a power meter ( a very useful tool btw), it is drawing about 6W. 

The power supply is fine. The hard disk is no longer under control and will simply spin forever as long as it receives power. 

I have successfully done the following and several people have reported success. 

The early ones can have similar issues to the Gen3. See the page for that.. but later Gen4 have a unique problem that might be due to solder connections failing. 

You can bake your TC board in an oven to fix it. 

Details of the solder reflow. 

Here is the oven bake method curtsy of Alexander Zhuravlev

Remove the board of the TC.. remove the battery and plastic strip on the ethernet ports rear if you can. 

Put it on a baking tray sitting on some balls of aluminium foil.
Set the TC board evenly over the plane at a height of about 2cm above the pan surface. 
 The Apple is for humour.. do you feel like laughing?? Baked apple pie.. 

Place it on a tray in the oven.. 

Put in an electric oven. 

**Toaster oven is excellent for this job** I prefer to keep the oven for food.. a cheap toaster oven is fine. 

Fan off in the oven.

Start heating to 120°C. Once the oven is heated to 120°C  Wait for 3 minutes until uniformly warm.

Increase the oven temperature to 160°C. Wait for another 3 minutes after the temp is reached.

Increase the oven temperature to 200°C. Now give it 10 minutes after the temp is reached.

Turn the oven off, but do not open the door, 

Wait for 30 minutes. The board will slowly cool. 

Remove the board.. and wait for it to reach room temperature.. 

When everything cools down - the dish is ready! 

Assemble and test. 

My TC woke up! Now everything is working, 

A few clarifications: a motherboard should definitely remove the battery if you have one, do not remove the metal stickers - they were heat-resistant. 

Try to remove the plastic  (if it removable) bottom RJ-45 connectors. I forgot, and but slightly twisted, but all the lights on the RJ-45 continue to shine, as they should.

Ok.. there guys is one success story. 

The details might help if you have never done it before.. there are many variations and they all say slightly different things. 

YMMV.. for some this will work.. others it won't. If you do it report results good or bad.. 

And I am particularly interested in a year later.. 2 years later.. does it still work. That is my fear.. this is short term.. and we need to see if this is going to work long term. 

Thanks for the pics to Alex.. good work mate!!

We should have a baked apple recipe as a consolation prize. Fix your apple TC.. and enjoy baked apple.. 

NOTE .. this method has now proven successful and success so far has been long term.. the baked boards have not so far failed again from anyone who has reported to me. 

There must be 10 success stories. 

I have also now done a couple and have had no issues.