External power supply - Cisco ADP-30RB

I got sick of the thick heavy unwieldy cisco cable that is just ugly...!! So here is the new improved method.

Cut off the fat ugly cable. But leave    Remove the rubber feet at the        Just cut the cables short except      It is easier to unsolder them short.
the protector.. we can reuse it.          power end and remove screws        ROF which can be soldered in        Just grab with pliers. ...

Unsolder from the back side..             With a lot of care..                         Pass the new cable through.    Solder it to the points. ROF to GND

I then used some cable fittings          Remove the wrapping from             Cut through the goop with a             Unsolder them.. Clean off goop.
Use what you have or just tin the       old power supply,, short the            small screwdriver.                          Tie 5v &Gnd before cut and reterminate
wire ends if you like.                         main caps carefully.                                                                             if you don't want to unsolder.  

Solder on extensions.. up to you        Use a piece of terminal strip.        Ensure voltages are correct.. well before of course.
                                                                                                                                Easy to know voltages..
                                                                                                                                5wires =Gnd.. 4wires=5v 1wire =12v

To make it absolutely clear.. here is the board shot with correctly color coded plugs.
Standard computer code.. Red 5v.. Yellow 12v.. Black.. Gnd.
The wires can twist up.. please check sata power pinout if unclear. In its correct position, 12v gnd 5v gnd
If you cut the wires from the original supply wrap red tap around the bundle of 4 wires before you cut.
Wrap black tape around the bundle of 5wires before you cut. It makes it easier than sorting out 10 black wires after the event.

ROF means Remote On ofF .. it puts out a small voltage which is like standby in a computer. when shorted to gnd, marked RTN on the supply btw.. it will turn on the supply. This gives you a power switch if you wanted to turn your TC on and off. 

I have not found ADP-30RB supplies of sufficient quality of late.. the ones I used to get from HK have been in poor to unusable non-working condition. 

If you are in US they sell plenty on ebay locally and are probably fine.. but I cannot get them here at reasonable shipping cost. 

Method of connecting without hard wiring. 

After looking at the problem I tried another method of fixing the supply to the TC. 

Use a standard dc connector plus a simple spade connector on the base for GND. 

I just opened one of the small holes in the base to 3mm.. Wired a spade connector on the gnd leads 

Ran 5v and 12v to the dc connector. (12v outer and 5v inner). 

Then wired the end of the cable the same way. 

This works fine and means you can really easily remove the supply.