Infra-Red pictures of Time Capsule

Pictures and tests are sole work of Chris Fackrell
Please treat them as copyright to Chris.

Basic test setup.
TC on the left has a repaired, DELTA supply with a 1TB green drive. 
TC on the right has a repaired Flextronic supply with 500GB original Seagate.  Red/white is hot, Green/Blue is cooler. 
The temperature patterns follow the fans being on or off.  When off the TC is flat on the table top so no air can come through the fan hole cut in the base. The fan mod involves flipping the fan to blow through the power supply and running at half-speed by a resistor in the line.

Fig1.     Both TCs in standby, no files being transferred. Fan is on.

Fig 2.    TC on the left has fan off, sitting on its normal rubber foot.
            Both TCs in standby, no files being transferred.

                    Fig3.    TC on the right has fan off, sitting on rubber foot.
                                Both TCs in standby, no files being transferred.

So the conclusion we can draw..

1. Power supply from whichever manufacturer makes no significant difference.

2. Green drive make almost no difference at all.

3. Fan on reduces power supply temperature by 10deg. This will in effect double its life using the rough approx.

This agrees with measurements that i have taken recently using thermocouple.
I got a TC to repair where the owner wanted me to swap the original 500GB seagate with a 1TB WD green drive.
The temperature difference during actual file copying was negligible.. ie
HDD temperature, 45C to 44C
Power supply temperature 52C in both cases. (Temperature under the power supply was 54).

After the fan mod as per this Chris Fackrell Repair method (LaPastenague)
Except I actually keep the fan mounted the original way but saw a hole in the side of the fan opposite the supply..
End result..
HDD temperature 37C
Power supply temperature 40C.

Ambient was 19-20C on all testing as measured on the thermocouple.
All testing was done with the TC sitting correctly but elevated from the desktop by 50mm. And continuous file transfers of 33 GB of files too and from the TC.

I was very pleased with the fan reducing the temperature of the power supply so much.. 12C is going to at least double the life of the supply.. the noise is minimal with the fan running with a 39ohm resistor in series to keep it quiet.

Just to complete this series of tests, I also did testing of the TC internal temperature at standby.. ie drive is spun down.. no files being transferred.
Seagate 500GB HDD
Power consumption in standby 0.8W (In operation about 13W)
temp 38C
Power Supply 50C

Power consumption in standby 0.4W (In operation about 5.4W)
temp 37C
Power Supply 48C

Frankly the difference in temperature between Green drives and Original server ES series seagate is within error margins of this sort of testing. 1-2C.