A deconstruction of Routers and Modems

1. Apple Time Capsule.
Represented the starting point of this website but far from my only interest. With people now very much more aware of the issue, and the number of people getting repairs done far less than before I have moved the pages to a separate section with a summary which I hope will help navigation.
Apple Time Capsule Repair

You can still contact a repairer who can give you more info and pricing on repairs.
Apple Time Capsule Repairers

2. BoB, Belkin F1PI243EGau Wireless Modem Router, Supplied by iinet.
This box has an interesting combination of wireless N and DECT phone receiver built into the unit.
It has USB for disk drive and 3G modem connection. A second phone port to add another base unit or phone as a voip unit.
I have opened it up and found the console. Telnet is active but the username and password used are not available.

Belkin BoB

3. Billion 7404 glue problems. 

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1 Aug 2016, 23:27
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23 Mar 2015, 03:54
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20 Jul 2016, 03:43