Our Beginning

Since the early 1970's, Chef Todd Smith suffered through severe problems with his stomach and GI track, even being hospitalized for a total of six months over a one-year period while just in the second grade. The doctors were stumped, and Todd continued to be underweight.

It wasn't until 2001 that Todd discovered he was gluten-intolerant and immediately put himself on a gluten-free diet. He finally started to feel better. Unfortunately, several years later he discovered other problems with his health: joint pain, skin rashes and numbness in his hands and feet. It was finally determined that those issues were caused by other food allergies to corn, soy and potatoes. His diet choices were becoming very limited.

Consequently, he decided to create his own foods and baked goods that were both gluten-free and allergen-free. People with celiac disease and gluten-intolerance became excited about his creations, and it grew into the Simply Free products that many say taste just like the foods they used to enjoy so many years ago.

Working at Hawk Hollow Golf and Banquet Center since the late 1990's as a chef and kitchen manager, he is now able to make his creations on-site in a professional kitchen that is certified serve safe by the health inspector. At Simply Free, we take utmost care in protecting you from cross contamination, even using separate storage areas, mixers, pans, utensils, ovens, etc. However, the banquet portion of this facility also works with items containing wheat (pasta & crackers) .