Below you will find everything for our class!  You can find all your course information, calendar of assignments, documents from class, and extra help sites under your course on the left sidebar. Keep up to date and always know what is happening in class - even if you are absent!

Questions? Click on the contact link to send me an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How do I find out what we did in class when I am absent?
2.   What homework was assigned today?
3.   What homework is due today?
4.   When is the chapter quiz or test?
        For questions 1, 2, 3, & 4 - Check the class calendar for your subject (and period if applicable) in the left-hand menu. This will show you major quizzes, tests, and assignments that are due that day.

5.   I lost my book assignment sheet - where can I print another one?
        Look under "Course info" for your class and you should find the assignment sheet document as a downloadable file.

6. Where can I find a Geometry Tutor?
        Ask any math teacher for an up-to-date list of available student tutors.


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