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Working Section



Old fashioned wheat is grown on site and over the Rally weekend there are demonstrations using the old methods of cutting and binding, threshing and milling into flour. The flour produced on site is used to make bread rolls, so you can see the whole process from start to finish.
There is a team of shires pulling a binder, and a PTO tractor binder.  An old style pto driven combine harvester will be seen working, and after the corn has been harvested the ground will be ploughed with vintage tractors.
There will be a variety of other vintage machinery demonstrated including a rack bench, threshing machine and mill.
This section of the Rally is tremendously popular and not to be missed!
Please feel free to ask the exhibitors any questions.  You will have to get their attention from the spectator’s side of the safety fencing that is there, not only for your safety, but to prevent the equipment operators from being distracted by spectators getting too close to the exhibits.  Please do not attempt to enter any of these working section enclosures.

Section Secretary – Mr M Vincent

Tel  01579 326085