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The Language of Business Correspondence in English

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The Language of Business Correspondence in English

Prof.Dr. Nguyen Trong Dan

Chapter 1: The style and structure of a business letter

Chapter 2: Inquiries and replies

Chapter 3: Quotations, offers and tenders

Chapter 4: Sales letters and voluntary offers

Chapter 5: In-house correspondence

Chapter 6: Sales letters and voluntary

Chapter 7: Orders and their fulfilment

Chapter 8: Payments in international trade

Chapter 9: Complaints and claims

Chapter 10: Electronic correspondence

Chapter 11: Transportation

Chapter 12: Marine Insurance

Chapter 13: Application letter and CV

Appendix: Common business abbreviations

I credit these lessons to help all people who need to write letter, email, fax... effectively and professionally. This post is credited for students of FTU, NEU, HANU, VCU,...and for all people, who are working in international business fields.

Yours sincerely

Vu Duc Hoan

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