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1.       The importance of business letters

-          A mean to keep contact with customers

-          To exchange information/understanding customer’s requirement/ to get to know customers

-          To create a good impression on customers

2.       Letter parts

a.       Letter head/ sender’s address

-          The printed letter head is on the middle-top of the paper

-          The sender’s address is always place on the top right-hand side of the paper.

-          It includes the name of the company/address/ telephone and fax number/email and website address

b.      Date line is below the sender’s address(not to write months in feeder to avoid confuse)

American English: 1/11/2010 means November

British English: 1/11/2010 means January

c.       Reference initials

-          Consist of the signer’s initials:

Our ref: NT/TH

Your ref: PQ/23

d.      Inside address

-          On the left hand side of the paper

-          It includes:

o  Courtesy title+ name of receiver

o   Job title

o   Name of the company

o   Name of the house or building

o   Number of the house + street

o   Name of town/city, postcode

o   Name of country


Mr. Vu Duc Hoan

Sales manager

Eco-friendly Ltd.

1/194 Nguyen Trai Street

Thanh Xuan, Hanoi


e.      Attention line(not always require)

For the attention of the production manager

f.        The opening salutation

Dear Sir,

Dear Sirs

Dear Madam

Dear Sir/Madam

Dear Mr Smith

Dear Mrs Alison

Dear Miss Anna

Dear Ms Alison

g.       Subject line

Re: order No. 136

h.      Body of the letter: message is paragraphs

i.         The closing salutation:

Dear sir                         -->           Yours faithfully

Dear Mr. Smith               -->           Yours sincerely

j.        Signature

Hand written signature

The writer full name

Job title

+p.p(pre pro): for and on behalf of the manager


Yours sincerely


Vu Duc Hoan

Sales Manager


Yours sincerely


Mr. Hai Nguyen

p.p Vu Duc Hoan

Sales Manager

k.       Enclose reminder


Enc. Catalogue and price list

Enc.              - Bill of Lading(2 coppies)

-  Invoice(1 copy)

-  Price list(2 copies)

-          Cc: carbon copy

-          Bcc: blind carbon copy

3.       Letter layout

-          Full blocked format: all parts of the letter begins at the left hand side(see samples)

-          Blocked format: the same as full blocked format, except the date line, reference initials, the closing salutation, signature and the sender’s address identification are on the right.(see samples)

-          ½ semi-blocked format: the same as blocked format: the beginning of each paragraph is indented 5 or 10 spaces(see samples)