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  1. We are please if you send us the latest catalogue and the current price list for the above mentioned products.
  2. We regularly buy this kind of product and we are very pleased if you send s the sample and the lowest possible price you can offer.
  3. We would like to buy your ready-made clothes for men and ladies, immediate shipment. Would you please send us sample of the goods and details about prices and terms of payment.
  4. Delivery within one month upon receipt of/from the date of receiving your order.
  5. We are interested in your Red Dragon cements and would be glad if your prices are quoted.
  6. We are very sorry to inform you that we could not sell these commodities immediately because the big demand at home which we can’t meet.
  7.  We haven’t produced the items of the goods which you requested for several years but we can offer the similar ones at the price of £ 500 C.I.F Liverpool per ton.
  8. If you could supply us goods with the quality we need we would place substantial orders on a regular basic.
  9. If your products up to the samples we believe that it will be sold well here.
  10. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon and to meeting you in the near future.

Dear sir

Thank you for enquiry of 4th April in which you asked about our carpets and the conditions and terms for a big order.

We ‘ve already sent you by parcel post a range of rug samples which are made of different materials, including synthetic fiber.

We have enclosed the price lists, details about the terms and conditions for the order with big quantity.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and to your opinion about our products.

Yours faithfully