Reply to inquiry

1.     Opening

-          Mention your prospective customer’s name

-          Thank the writer for his or her enquiry, acknowledge the interest in your company

-          Mention the date of his or her letter and quote/ any other references.


- Thank for your enquiry dated 10 May, 2010 in which you asked about our sweaters for men.


2.    Confirm that you can help

- let the enquirer know near the start of your reply if you have the product or can provide the service he or she is asking about.

e.g: Thank you for your enquiry dated 6 July 2009 in which you asked about our batteries. We are pleased to inform you that we have a new line of batteries that fit….


3.      Selling your product:

-          Explain how it is suitable for your customer’s needs.

-          Encourage or persuade your prospective customer to do business with you or giving guarantee.

-          Mention one or two selling points of your product, including any guarantee, special offer, and discounts…

-          Mention not only the specific facts your correspondent requested, but also any place, catalogues, samples, demonstrations…


4.       If the information is not provided, you should explain fact fully to maintain the customer’s goodwill or offer as alternative or refer to another place.

5.      Close

-          Thank the customer for contacting you

-          Encourage further enquiries


Reply to inquiry by email:

De : Hoan-Hatec []
Envoyé : lundi 21 septembre 2010 18:44
À : 'Ping - ABC'
Cc : 'Acha – ABC’
Objet : RE:enquiry - bamboo bowl


Dear Angela,

Thank you for your enquiry about bamboo bowl and bamboo spoon.


I am glad to enclose the quotation of bamboo bowl, spoon and fork for your reference. Please consider and let me know your comments.

If you need samples, we will make and send you at the soonest time.


We usually allow customers 3% trade discount for order over USD 25,000.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to have chance to serve you.


Yours sincerely



Vu Duc Hoan

Sales manager

VIETnam handicRAFT
1/194 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi, Vietnam

E-mail:; Skype: vnexport

From: Ping - ABC []
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2010 5:47 PM
Cc: Acha ; Ping
Subject: Enquiry - bamboo bowl

Dear Hoan,

How are you? I am very glad to know you from Alibaba.


Would you please quote for me the enclosed set of bamboo salad bowl?

1 pce big one =  diam 26 cm and high is 13 cm

Small one is = diam 12 cm and high is 5.5 cm

bamboo Fork and spoon = 30 x 6.5 cm


please quote for me based on

1 big pce + 2 small one

And separately the 1 big pce + 4 small ones


Quantity: 5 000 sets – 15 000 sets


The set has to be packed into bubble bag good quality + white mail box

1 logo one color print on the bottom of item

1 logo 1 color print on the white mail box


It has to be ok and pass Food contact, cadmium free for painting part.


Awaiting your prompt reply by return

Best regards


Ligne directe : +33.(0)30
fax : +33.(0)

 rue de Lannoy



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