1. What is a quotation?

    A quotation is a promise to supply goods on terms stated

2. What information is in a quotation?

    a.       Thank customers for their interests.
    Thank you for your enquiry dated 21 April 2010 asking about/concerning(lien quan) our sport wear.
Details about prices, discounts, terms of payments.
    We usually allow a 15% trade discount on/for orders of over 1000 units.
    The price quoted is $200 C.I.F Hai Phong
    Payment by irrevocable letter of credit/checque/in cash/

Terms of delivery:

    d.      An expression of hope that the quotation will be accepted.

Tabulated quotation:

Covering letter: place more emphasis on the points you want to get attention from customers and take the chances to introduce st new to the customers.