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Commercial Correspondence

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Dear friends,

Today, using e-mail, letter and fax... is more common. And there are increasing needs for trained business persons as a result of the recent rapid development of foreign trade in Vietnam. A good command of written commercial English is one of the most important qualifications of a business person.
I credit these lessons from
  1. A Handbook of Commercial Correspondence-A. Ashley 
  2. The Language of Business Correspondence in English- Nguyen Trong Dan
with aims to help all people who need to write letter, email, fax... more effectively and more professionally. This post is credited for students of FTU, NEU, HANU, VCU,...and for all people, who are working in international business fields.

I hope that these lessons will be of special help to Vietnamese students, and business person.

Yours sincerely

Vu Duc Hoan