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A Handbook of Commercial Correspondence-A Ashley

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  1. Structure and presentation
  2. Content and style
  3. Enquiries
  4. Replies and quotations
  5. Orders
  6. Payment
  7. Complaints and adjustments
  8. Credit
  9. Banking
  10. Agents and agencies
  11. Transportation and shipping
  12. Insurance
  13. Electronic correspondence
  14. Miscellaneous correspondence
  15. In-company communications
  16. 16 Personnel appointments
A Handbook of Commercial Correspondence
Posted By: michaelhoan | Date: 16 April 2008 16:30 |

Author: A Ashley | Publisher: Oxford University Press | ISBN: 0194572064 | 1998 Year | pdf, 297 pages | language: English | 18,2 MB

The essential reference guide to writing effective business correspondence – now revised and updated. All the information and examples you need for writing business correspondence for study purposes or for work. A practical approach that’s ideal for class, the office, or at home. email correspondence, glossary of business terms, answers to exercises, and improved design.
English level:
Intermediate to Advanced

How can it be used?

* Use it in class, at the office, or at home.
* Always keep it with you as your essential reference guide.

Who is it for?

* Anyone dealing with commercial correspondence from clerical to management level.
* Students taking Business English examinations, such as the LCCI English for Commerce and English for Business, the Cambridge BEC and CEIBT, and Pitman's English for Business Communications.
* Business studies teachers.

Key features

* Shows you how to handle enquiries, banking, insurance, personnel, and social correspondence.
* Improves your written style by explaining the language of business correspondence.
* Saves you time – find what you need to know immediately.

I credit these lesson to help all people who need to write letter, email, fax... effectively and professionally. This post is credited for students of FTU, NEU, HANU, VCU,...and for all people, who are working in international business fields.

Yours sincerely

Vu Duc Hoan

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