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How to learn to hear and speak English well

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How to learn to hear and speak English well

Người viết: Thái Bá Tân

Hi all,

More than often I hear many of you complaining they can't hear and speak English well.

This sounds quite sincerely and ... naively, I may say. It is natural that they can't. Otherwise I'd be very much surprised. Why?

Well, I'd like to answer by asking such a question: How can you hear and speak well even a sentence of a foreign language if you haven't heard and practiced it a hundred or even a thousand times? How can you understand the spoken words if you do not know the meaning in the written version? Unlike basic natural sciences, when you know something you know it once and for ever. To learn a language is to learn skills which can be obtained only by practicing one and the same thing many, many times. And it takes time, lot of time. It takes patience, also lot of patience. Do remember that. No one can do this in a hurry.

So, briefly, in order for you to hear and speak English well, my advice is very simple. It is the only appropriate way, I think, that can help you achieve the desired goal.

Learn basic English first, starting from the very beginning - Grammar rules. Then, as I repeatedly told you at lessons, take the CD English Study (by the Dong Nai software company, any version will do but preferably the 2.1 one because it contains Headway program in addition to Streamline). You may buy it at No 10, Ngo 30, Ta Quang Buu Street, just outside the University of Technology.

Regardless of your knowledge, I recommend you to start from the first lesson of the first level. First read the text to be sure there are no unfamiliar words. Then click the right button of your mouse to hear the speaker read the sentence. Repeat after him, aloud, trying to imitate both the pronunciation and intonation. And as many times as possible, until you learn them by heart, until you feel your mouth aching. When you come to the end of the unit, listen once more, or twice, with or without the text. After that, try to talk with the computer, by answering the speaker's questions. The ultimate task here is to develop you reaction, say, if it usually takes you 10 seconds to answer a simple question, now try to do it in just one or two seconds. Be patient to go from unit to unit, level to level. For simple communication in English, I think two level of Streamline will be enough, though further learning is very much recommended.

The CD also has other useful sections, such as Grammar (both theoretical and practical) with accompanying exercises, Reading, How to Speak It correctly, Writing Patterns and so on..

I am sure if you strictly adhere to what I say here, in three or maybe a little more, you can speak non-stop easy English. Try it, and you will thank me later.Be patient and determined in this simple Endeavour. I know you can do it. Come on.

Teacher Tan