Speaking Practice

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At university you need to do much more than read books, listen to lectures and write essays and exams. In particular, there are two types of speaking skills you need to develop in your university study.

In many of the classes you attend, especially 'seminars' and 'tutorials', you will be expected not just to listen to the lecturer or tutor, but to actively  contribute to discussion( answer questions from the teacher; answer questions from other students; put questions to the teacher and/or to other students; make comments and give your own opinionsummarise a discussion or an argument; report to the whole class on a small-group discussion.) that takes place in the class between teacher and students.

You may also be required to prepare and make an  oral PRESENTATION (planning, structuring, preparing, presenting), by yourself or with one or more other students, on a particular topic – an item on your reading list, for example, or a piece of research that you have undertaken for the class – and to answer questions and participate in discussion.

The following pages offer suggestions, guidelines and, particularly for students who feel they are not fluent in English, language, to help with both these types of speaking skills.


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