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If you can’t find a file, you can ask around.

"Do you know where the ABC file is at?"
"Do you have the ABC file?"
"Is anybody using the ABC file right now?"

"Did you check the file cabinet? It should be there."
"Check the bin. Sometimes people throw it in there after they are done."

"Oh… it’s in my desk. I forgot to put it back."
"It’s in my office. I’ll get it for you."

If you see a file or a book you need on someone’s desk, you can ask to borrow it.

"Are using this book right now?"
"Can I borrow this book?"

"Are you finished with this file?"
"Are you done with this report?"
"Can I use this file?"

If you need something, it is common to ask around. Here are some examples of what you might need in the office.

"Do you have an extra mouse? Mine broke."
"Do you have another network cable? The one I have is too short."
"Do you have a blank floppy disk I can have?"
"I ran out of labels. Do you have any I can have?"

"Can I borrow your stapler?"
"Do you have a hole puncher?"
"Do you have a staple remover by any chance?" 

Office Basics