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Removable Disk

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When you save data, there are several ways to save it. There is the standard removable disk, saving to the hard drive, and saving to a network share.

"Does anybody have an extra floppy disk?"
"I ran out of floppy disks. Where can I get more?"
"I think we need to order more floppy disks."

"I saved it on a floppy disk."
"I have all the information on my USB drive."

"Can you save the document on a disk and give it to me?"
"Save the information on a disk and give it to Jack."

"I’ll have all the information on a disk and bring it to the meeting."

Standard floppy disks only hold 1.44 MB of information. There are times when the disk is not big enough. Here are ways to express this.

"All the information doesn’t fit on one disk."
"The file is too large to fit on a disk."
"Do you have a different storage device that can hold more information?"

"Can you order a 128 MB removable storage device for me? I always need to move files that a regular floppy disk cannot hold."