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General Computer Sentences

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"My computer is giving me problems again."
"My computer broke, but luckily I saved my work on a disk."
"My computer is too slow."
"Something is wrong with my computer."

"I work with the computer most of the day."
"All my work is done on the computer."

"We are upgrading our computers this week."
"I hope we upgrade our computers soon. The ones we have are way too old."

"My computer froze. What should I do?"
"My computer is not responding and I haven’t saved my data yet. What should I do?"

"My computer is making a weird sound. Can I get someone to look at it?"

This concludes the computer English lesson. I know many of the business topics are large and some of them have topics I didn’t cover. I want to remind you that you can ask specific questions to us using the business bulletin board.

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