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Requesting information through email

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"Can you send it to my email address?"
"You can send it to me through email."
"Can you email it to me?"

"Can I email it to you?"
"Can I send you the information through email?"

Whenever you send an email to an account that doesn’t exist, you get a automated email saying the mail was not delivered. You can use these sentences if you are in this situation.

"Can I verify your email address? The address I have on file appears to be incorrect."
"I am unable to email it to you. Can you tell me your email address again?"
"I am getting a mail saying it is undeliverable. I might have misspelled it. Can I double check your email address?"

"The email address I sent it to was michaelhoan@hotmail.com. Is this correct?"
"I sent the email to michaelhoan@gmail.com. Didn’t you get it?"

"That’s the wrong email address. My email address is michaelhoan@yahoo.com."
"Oh… I see the problem. My email address is michaelhoan@hotmail.com"