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Email Problems

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"My email is getting full. I better delete some old mail."
"I better save my emails to my hard drive so I can make some room in my inbox."
"How do I request more storage space for my email account? I am constantly running out of space."

"You’re running out of email space too? I have the same problem at least once a month."
"I hate getting the mail that I am running low on space."

"I just started my job so I haven’t received my email address yet."
"My email account hasn’t been created yet. They said I should receive it tomorrow."

"I haven’t received my emails in the last four hours. I think the server is down or something."
"I think the exchange server is down. Is somebody taking a look at this problem?"
"I can’t send anything right now. Is anybody else having a problem with their email?"
"It could be a network problem, but my email account is not working."
"I can’t access my email right now. I think the server is down."

"Who should we contact if we are having email problems?"

"I keep getting junk mail in my work account. How did they get this email address?"
"How do I prevent junk mail?"
"Don’t open any mail with the title, ‘Your request has been approved!!!’ It contains a virus. Please delete this mail at once if you see it."