Welcome to the Language Proficiency Website!

All graduate students in English are expected to meet a foreign language proficiency requirement that demonstrates evidence of being able to do research in a language other than English.   This is a standard requirement that is congruent with requirements of schools such as the University of California at Berkeley.  

The following links are essential to understanding this proficiency requirement.   

The Language Proficiency Requirement  This page spells out what the requirement is as of August 2016.  Please see p. 24.  

Proficiency Testing  This page describes some basic information you need to know if you are going to try to meet this requirement by testing.  

The Practice Page  This page gives you some opportunities to practice with practice tests in German, French, and Spanish.

The Spanish Practice Page You can also use the practices on this page to brush up on your Spanish.

The Contacts Page   This page provides you with the contact information you need to help you navigate this requirement.