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This will be an educational site with random information about language learning, as well as random knowledge in general in many fields of interest. Curiosity, exploration, discussion, etc. is encouraged. There will also be links to a variety of educational material, on many levels, for people ages 0 years to 100 (and older! ;-)). Once again, welcome, enjoy and learn something new TODAY! :-)

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Variously attributed to KungFuTzu(Confucius) or LaoTsu, both around 500 B.C. This is my philosophy regarding the journey of life and learning! :-)

By the way, the gray and multi-coloured images are (usually) known as Inukshuk, a famous symbol of Canada! :-) (And symbol of 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver!) More Inukshuk info and photos! :-)

Actually, some Inuit have another name for this: "...some Inuit leaders such as Nunavut Commissioner Peter Irniq complaining that the inukshuk is a culturally important symbol to them. "Inuit never build inuksuit with head, legs and arms," he says. "I have seen inuksuit built more recently, 100 years maybe by non-Inuit in Nunavut, with head, legs and arms. These are not called inuksuit. These are called inunguat, imitation of man," he said.

(But I still think these ones are cute! (Disclaimer: I made them!?!! :-)))

These Inukshuk are signs of safety, friendship and hope.

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As a teacher (guide? ;-)), I believe in promoting free linux software in education. This site also links to articles, sites, etc. related to these ideas. Also interested in medicine, health care, art, music, movies, history, geography, culture, economics, ecology, etc. Heck, I'm interested in EVERYTHING! (because everything is connected) :-)

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