This is the site of the Language Evolution Reading Group at the University of Connecticut.

For the fall 2014 meetings of the group, which will be held jointly with the Expression, Communication, and Origins of Meaning (ECOM) research group, we will be reading about gesture and pointing. Unless otherwise noted, these readings are drawn from a recent volume of Humana Mente, which you can find in the readings tab to the left. The revised schedule (as of 9/12):

Sept 12 (Fr): Camaioni+Tomasello & Camaioni [gestural communication – ontogeny, phylogeny, and pathology] 
Sept 26 (Fr): Schlenker visit [semantics in monkey’s alarm calls]
* October 9 (Th): Olney from Humana Mente
October 24 (Fr): Reading by Sparaci from HM 
* Nov 6 (Th): Video visit by David Leavens (Sussex), 2 background readings
*Nov 20 (Th 2pm): Diane Lillo-Martin visit (reading from Humana Menta)
* Dec 4 (Th 3pm): Robert Lurz visit

If you have questions/comments, contact Russell Richie at russell.richie@uconn.edu.