Schedule overview

Updated - 7/21

Room: CC 107

9:00 Jeffrey Siskind (Commonsense through language grounded in vision and motor control)

9:30 Percy Liang (Linguistic representations in service of statistical generalization)

10:00 Nancy Chang (Making sense of common sense)

10:30 Break

11:00 Noah Goodman (Understanding as inference)

11:30 Tobias Gerstenberg (Understanding causal judgments) **Dave Barner's talk was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

12:00 Lunch Break

Special Session on Pronouns, Reference, and Winograd Schema

1:00 Charles Ortiz, Jr. (The Winograd Schema Challenge: Language and common sense reasoning)

1:30 Andy Kehler (Testing for common sense: Thoughts on pronoun interpretation and the Winograd Schema Challenge) 

2:00 Joshua Hartshorne (Achieving human-level performance on (some) Winograd schema via a model of common sense)

2:30 Break

3:00 Elsi Kaiser (Linguistic cues and common sense reasoning: What can referential patterns tell us?) 

Parting thoughts

3:30 Josh Tenenbaum & friends (TBA)