Welcome to my Language Alive web site.
I hope all teachers I work with are able to find some useful ideas here. You may like to read or leave comments on my blog about ICT in the classroom. Please contact me if you have any queries. anjistar1@gmail.com
ICT tools can add an exciting and motivating dimension to literacy learning. Research shows that the combination of sight, sound and motion hook children into learning and the added audio visual component offered by ICT tools brings your teaching and learning into the 21st century and the world of technology which surrounds your students - they are the digital natives who have been brought up with ICT tools!
 I would like to introduce you to a range of activities and ideas you can use to support literacy in your classroom for both Mac and PC platforrms.
Many of these activities can be found in my book Learning Journeys in ICT: Digital Literacy I have put these ideas and activities into the areas of spelling, grammar, writing and  reading. Under each of these pages are sub pages on various aspects of these strands.
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