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Pronunciation Sites
Accent Reduction


Sounds of English
Offers pronunciation instruction. It explains how each sound is made and offers audio and video examples with exercises.

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english-online.org.uk   for toefl   CAE FCE practice   plus an online grammar course

English Grammar
Grammar lessons

English Pronunciation
Pronunciation lessons

English Vocabulary
Vocabulary lessons

English Speaking
Speaking lessons

English Reading
Reading lessons

(from EnglishClub.com)

esl-lab.com   dialogs and texts    scroll down and click on "QUIZ SCRIPT"    

Here is a list on esolwebsites   <<< search topic

ABC English

Free site for English as a second or foreign language students, in English or Spanish,"using theories from Applied linguistics." Includes online assessments and instruction.

Adult Education ESL Teachers Guide 

Designed as an introduction to new ESL/ESOL/ELL teachers, this includes an orientation, beginning and intermediate lessons and accompanying teacher training modules, and a  section on teaching nonliterate adults.

California Distance Learning Project
The goal of the California Distance Learning Project (CDLP) is to expand learner access to adult basic education (including ESOL/ESL/ELL) services. It includes: News Stories (some recent, some not)


Center for Adult English Language Acquisition (CAELA, formerly NCLE) 
Located on the Center for Applied Linguistics Web site.   

 English as a Second Language 
A starting point for those who want to learn English from using Web sites, this also includes Web sites for teachers.  The author is an experienced ESOL Web-site designer. There are many good sites linked here.

 English for All 
A free Web-based multimedia system for adults learning ESL/ESOL/ELL. 

Equipped for the Future (EFF)Teaching/LearningToolkit
The EFF Toolkit is a resource for teachers who want to build curriculum around students' goals and life contexts. 

 ESL gold
This is a free commercial site with phrases for conversation.  For students:

  • Phrases for Conversation (complete with audio for repetition and pronunciation)
  • Picture Dictionary (hundreds of pictures of everyday items for vocabulary development)
  • eslgold.com/

ESL Lesson Plans and Resources 
A straightforward, comprehensive list of lesson plans and one of the best hypertext lists of practical, teacher-oriented ESL/ESOL/ELL resources I have seen.

ESL Loop 
This is a collection of sites related to English language teaching and learning. It includes the California E-Mail Project Homepage, TESL Ontario, and Computers and English Language and Literacy Education, among others

 ESL Monkeys
Free English language learning materials and tools for self-study or classroom learning, including reading and writing lessons, word of the day tool, free ESL books, story room, students’ forums, school search and more.

ESL Quizzes, Lesson Plans, Activities and More

ESL Reading for English language learners
The site includes: original and adapted versionsof classic texts, including ghost stories, adventure stories, comic stories and poems. It also has podcasts.

 ESL Resource Center
Free ESL/ESOL/ELL lessons in: reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, listening, spelling and idioms a "Discovery Trail" game for learning facts and background information.

The Fairfax County Family Literacy Curriculum
"The Fairfax County Family Literacy Curriculum is designed to be used in a multi-level adult ESOL family literacy class.

Glossary of Second and Primary Language Acquisition Terms 
This is a very useful list of terms and definitions used by ESOL/ESL/ELL teachers, teacher trainers and researchers.

Harnessing Technology 
This Web page includes common problems faced by ABE and ELL teachers in the classroom, and solutions to these problems which use technology.  The Web page is updated from time to time and, as an incentive, those who contribute problems and technology solutions have access to the most recently updated page, at a different address.

Home buying Readiness ESOL Web sites 
These sites are from projects funded by the FannieMae Foundation.  They include student and teacher writings, lesson plans and teacher resources to enable ESOL students to improve English language skills while learning about American culture through home buying readiness content.

How to Buy a Home in the United States

Internet TESL Journal 
Lots of usable information for classroom teachers, including lesson plans.

Learning Resources
Learning Resources offers Web-based instruction using current and past CNN San Francisco bureau news stories. 

 Learn English Feel Good
Free English grammar and vocabulary exercises for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

 LINCS ESL Special Collection
Includes reviewed resources for learners, teachers, tutors and administrators, and a showcase of ESL/ESOL/ELL resources on the Web.

 Multimedia English Classroom
This is for low intermediate to advanced learners. It has some U.K. and some U.S. material. Some of the videos are hilarious.

National Immigration Forum 
Current information about issues of concern to teachers of immigrants, including citizenship.

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plz tell me when can i use past tense and when can i use present perfect? i am confused

 Dave's ESL Cafe 

Current news, geography, grammar, history, idioms, slang and words, people, reading comprehension, science, world culture, writing

  •  ESL Slang Page 
            A search-able list of American slang words and phrases with short definitions

 Grammar for English Language Learners
A comprehensive list of links to on-line grammar and writing sites        ohiou.edu/esl/english/grammar/index.html

 ESL Blues
Pre-intermediate to high-intermediate level English   http://ww2.college-em.qc.ca/prof/epritchard/trouindx.htm



from CambridgeESOL.org


  • Resources in Language Testing  Study Zone

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More Vocabulary sites

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It is a good idea to participate in projects.

Prepare for the Drivers' Test
Free Course     

Bill Swain's BillsNewsDesk

Projects (ideas)

Vocabulary Sites
search "TESOL  English Vocabulary" 


Business Vocabulary
Investopedia.com  beat the market
(It's a fun game -- play with a teacher)
(sign up for email messages with "a business word of the day")




  1. Oxford Picture Dictionary for Adults Learning English (Softcover)

  2. www.elearnaid.com/0194351882.html - Cached - Similar
  3. [PDF] 

    Dictionaries for Adults in Literacy Programs

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    www.nccommunitycolleges.edu/.../DictionariesforAdultsinLiteracyPrograms. PDF
  4. Adult Picture Dictionary/Knock Boots

    Adult Slang Picture Dictionary Knock Boots. WARNING: ADULT CONTENT FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY

    1. The Internet Picture Dictionary is a completely free

    2. Learn English ...
      www.my-english-dictionary.com/ -

    3. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version ...
    4. Picture dictionary Free Download

      Picture dictionary Free Download,Picture dictionary Software Collection 

Listening Practice
ESL-Lab.com  dialogs
search TESOL  English Vocabulary  

Northeast Literacy Tech 
New England Literacy Resource Center's  
Using the Internet in Instruction

  Colorful Clothesline

A lesson created to introduce level 1 ESOL/ELL students to clothing, colors, and color patterns. Students can test their knowledge of colors and clothing. Select a category below to practice vocabulary.  Then take a quiz to test what was learned.

 Real English ONLINE
Real English Online requires registration but then offers a free subscription with authentic video interviews with ordinary English speakers.

An alternative. which does not require registration, and includes over twenty video segments will be found at:

REEP (ESL) Curriculum
Arlington, Virginia Education and Employment Program (REEP) "on-line adult ESL instructional system to assist educators in enabling adult students of English to navigate U.S. systems in the 21st century.... The system consists of 9 proficiency levels ranging from low beginning to advanced. While each level is designed for 120 to 180 hours of instruction, the needs assessment component provides the flexibility needed to customize curricula for more intensive or less intensive instruction."


Pointers to Internet projects for learners and teachers of ESOL  wfi.fr/volterre/inetpro.html

 Web Learning Projects (Formerly Email Project
Includes current and completed on-line adult learning projects such as the annual Cookbook Project, the Internet Pizza Project, Home Remedies, an adult learners' annotated bibliography and others

Activities for ESL Students
Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles

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