In Emergencies

Sometimes, things go wrong. If a Langstone Cutters crew needs urgent assistance, the skipper or cox can summon help by ringing any of these numbers:
If the situation is life threatening, ring 999 and ask for COASTGUARD.
If the emergency is not critical but you need help for example organising a car to pick up a crew member who has been overboard and needs to get dry immediately, please ring any of the people below who will be pleased to help in any way they can:
Colin McPhee 07793 838261
 Mike Gilbert 07767 350512 
 Geoff Shilling     07816 038456
 Christine Ball 07790 392981
 Chris Partridge 07777 663551
All row organisers and beachmasters are advised to enter these numbers in the contacts book of their mobile phone so they are immediately available if the worst happens.