Ryukyu Karate

Welcome to the website of Langport Area Karate, we are a small club based in South Somerset.
If you would like to learn a martial art why not come along.
Our facilities are good and the atmosphere disciplined  yet friendly.

Club (Dojo) History:

Our first club (Dojo) opened in London in 1958 and Sensei Terry Dukes became the 

Sensei there in 1965 and taught many students many of whom became high grades 

in other styles. 

One of Sensei Terry Dukes students was Sensei Ian Gouge who moved to Somerset 

in 1975 and opened a dojo in West Monkton near Taunton which thrived and had 

many students, this Dojo closed in 2010 when Sensei Ian  decided to retire. 

Sensei Ian had a number of black belts but only two have continued training. 

Sensei Terry Irwin and Sensei Mark Irwin living in Langport decided to open a 

Dojo in their home town. 

Shimbaku Dojo opened on the 3rd March 2010, we have an average of twenty 

students training each session. 

New students are always welcome and we are happy for any student or Sensei 

of any style to come along and train with us.

The Benefits:

Karate training, because it uses all of the body and because of the types of exercise it is excellent for everyone, some of the benefits listed below. 

It will:

Make you fitter

Make you more flexible

Help you to breathe correctly

Build your confidence

Help to give you a purpose in life

Test you physically and mentally

      Make you a better person to yourself and others