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Our Literature Classroom

Sixth Grade Literature     Our classroom is all about READING!  ALl year long we will focus on ACTIVE READING.  Active readers THINK!  They predict, visualize, question, connect & respond.  In everything we read, the goal is to read for understanding and to do that actively.  Reading is NOT a spectator sport.  Come, Join us. 

Textbooks for class: Our 6th grade curriculum uses two reading texts, and novel sets.  In order to bridge the elementary school curriculum with the junior high curriculum, the two series are used in class to transition students.  The text from the Scott Foresman series is familiar to incoming 6th grade students, and the Prentice Hall Copper book prepares students for more literature based reading.

  Rebecca Caudill Young Readers Book Award
MGS participates in the Rebecca Caudill voting program.  Rebecca Caudill is an Illinois Book Award chosen by Illinois students.  MGS students in grades 6-8 read from the
nominees throughout the school year and voting is held in the junior high wing in late February.  Students celebrate the state winner with a pizza party.  A big thanks goes to Mrs. Tyler, our librarian, and the MGS Parent-Teacher Organization.  The PTO has ensured that each 6th, 7th & 8th grade lit classroom receives all 20 titles on the nominee list.  Mrs. Tyler coordinates the book fairs and the yearly voting. 
 Get Started on great books!! The 2015 List

Read, Read & Read Some More...

Students should always have a book to read with them in class.  If you are looking for a good book you can always ask Mrs. Anglin for a recommendation!

Literature Logs
In class students are encouraged to grow in their personal reading.  About every six weeks students choose a novel from a variety of genres.  Students read independently and then prepare a book talk and project to share with classmates.