U.S. Capitol - Washington DC
ln July of 2013 I participated in a C-SPAN Summer Educator's Conference in Washington, DC.  I stayed in a hotel a couple of blocks from the Capitol and on a couple of occasions I walked over to the Capitol to take pictures in the evening and early in the morning before the conference started.  I took this picture on the morning of July 8, 2013.  I was on the Capitol grounds right after sunrise and and the only people there were Capitol security guards, people cleaning up the steps and a couple of joggers.  It had rained a little the night before there was some rain in the forecast for the day but it wasn't raining at the time. 

I took quite a few pictures from this angle to try and capture the entire building as well as the American flag waving in the wind.  In postproduction editing I was able to bring out the detail in the building with a HDR setting on the Snapseed app. I was really happy with the way this picture turned out since it was one of those times when everything just looked great at the location and you're anxious to see how close it is to reality later when you view it.

U.S. Capitol