Kansas City Royals 2015 Playoffs
The opening game of the 2015 ALCS between the Royals and Astros (October 8, 2015) was beautiful during pregame activities.  My wife and I were able to purchase tickets the day before the game. The sun was setting in the west as teams were introduced and it was unseasonably warm for October - above 80 degrees at first pitch.  Clouds were rolling in and would later cause a nearly hour long rain delay but when this photo was taken the clouds provided a gorgeous backdrop to Kaufman Stadium. This panoramic photo was taken with my Nexus 6 phone from our seats in section 433. 

My favorite aspects of this photo are capturing the moment at which the sun was visible through the gap in the roof of the stadium. I also like that picture captures the fountains in the outfield and the color in the water of the fountains. As a Royals fan I am biased but I think Kaufman Stadium is one of the most beautiful stadiums in the major leagues.

Kauffman Stadium