Lincoln Memorial - Washington, DC

I was asked to give a presentation at the Smithsonian Castle to state teachers of the year in April of 2009.  The hotel I was staying at was just a block or two off The Mall so on one of the mornings I got up early to walk to the Lincoln Memorial just after sunrise to take some photographs.  

I reached the Lincoln Memorial just after 6:30 AM and no one was there except for some National Park Service Rangers and a couple of runners. The natural light was tremendous.  I took a lot of photographs from different angles and liked this one because it captured the entire text engraved behind Lincoln.  

I did some post production editing in Snapseed to help bring out some features in the statue but the natural light was incredible as well.  After taking the picture I sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial as the day began, one of my favorite places to sit and reflect when I am in Washington, DC.

Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC