I use a variety of cameras and apps to take pictures. I currently don't own a DSL camera and most of my photos are taken with my cell phone or a simple point and shoot.  You can check out the types of camera that I use and apps below.

Cell Phone Camera

A majority of the photos you see on my site are taken with the phone that I carry with me each day - a Nexus 6.  In fact, I will often just take my phone with me when I am going to an event or place that I know I will be taking pictures instead of also taking my point and shoot camera. One of the major criteria, but not only criteria, that I used in determining which phone to buy was the quality and features of the camera.

I have been really happy with my Nexus 6 and the quality of photos. The standard Google camera app on the Nexus 6 is great for taking photospheres (360 degree photos) and panoramic photos.  I have found the standard digital still photos to be great quality and when I shoot an occasional video it is in 4K format.

When I want to do a quick edit or postproduction to a photo on my phone I use the free Snapseed app (see the column on the right referring to apps and tools). 

I occasionally receive a comment or two about the size of the Nexus 6 - my wife may or may not refer to it as a tablet - but the larger screen size is great when viewing and editing photos on the go.
Camera / Equipment

My primary point and shoot camera is currently a Cannon Rebel T6i

Post Production Apps

My favorite app for editing and postproduction on photos is Snapseed.  Snapseed is a free app from Google (acquired from Nik in 2012) available for both Android and iOS. This is my favorite app in the world and anyone who knows me will appreciate the gravity of that statement.

I use Snapseed on my phone when I'm doing quick edits and on my iPad when I am making edits which are easier with a little bit bigger screen.  

The app is easy to use and had a wide variety of tools - HDR, tonal contrast, healing, glamour glow, cropping, tune image tools, etc. Snapseed has a great YouTube channel with tips on using some of the tools in more advanced ways.

When I want to add text or graphics to my images I typically use Fireworks from Adobe.  Fireworks is part of the Adobe Suite and has a ton of options and tools that I have never explored but it does a great job me when I want to add some text to my images prior to printing.