Chimney Rock - Nebraska

As a native Nebraskan I have always been drawn to Chimney Rock.  As a kid I saw it only in books and on an occasional vacation that took us to the Nebraska panhandle.  Today as an adult I am fortunate to see it several times a year since my wife is from Wyoming and we drive by it on the way to see her family.  

Seeing Chimney Rock never gets old for me.  When we drive out to Wyoming we see Chimney Rock after about 8 hours in the car and I always think it the thrill I get in seeing it is similar to the thrill the pioneers would have had seeing it after weeks of travel on a flat, dusty Oregon Trail. 

Some times the weather is cloudy or it is dark when we pass Chimney Rock but on this day in the summer of 2008 the sky was clear with a few rain clouds moving in.  I take a lot of pictures of Chimney Rock - just ask my wife - but this is one of my favorites because of the clear blue sky with just a couple of clouds.  

Chimney Rock National Historic Site