Resources for After Keynote "Tools, Gadgets and Ideas"

Screencast-O-Matic - record screencasts, picture in picture

Zaption - add questions to your videos and get data
Makey Makey - get hands on with the maker movement

Google Cardboard - view the world through virtual reality

Swivl - robot which helps video you teaching no matter where you are in the room, great tool for PD

Google Cultural Institute - collections of art, history and world wonders created by Google

Google Tour Builder - create animated maps that help tell your story

Google Maps Gallery - utilize the thousands of maps ready for you to use with Google Maps
Zotero - ultimate source for keeping track of citations, automatically builds bibliography, very helpful when working on graduate papers

Google Maps Engine Lite - create a Google map from data in spreadsheets

Resources for Break Out Session "Using Social Media to Collaborate and Tell Your Story"