The presidential election of 1860 was one of the most important elections in American history.  The nation was on the edge of the Civil War and slavery was the dominant issue in the minds of voters.  An amazing 80% of possible voters came out to vote in the 1860 election, a record high at the time. 

Four candidates ultimately challenged each other but Abraham Lincoln, a Republican from Illinois would win the election with only 40% of the popular vote and not even appearing on the ballot in nine southern states. The southern states saw Lincoln's election as the last straw and after South Carolina becomes to first to secede on December 20, 1861 and other states soon follow.

You will be given one of the four candidates and create a TV ad for that individual.  You will use the information from the resources below to learn more about each of the candidates.  Your TV ad will be a 30 second video. The video must clearly feature the candidate and present the opinion held by the candidate on an issue in the election.

Information on Election of 1860:

Videos on Election of 1860:

Keith Hughes : The Election of 1860 Explained

Crash Course Video on Election of 1860

Examples of Historical Election Ads:

Ronald Reagan 1984 Ad - Morning in America

Hillary Clinton 2012 Ad - 3AM Phone Call

Johnson 1964 Ad - Daisy Ad

Johnson 1964 Ad - Ice Cream, No Bombs

Humphrey 1968 Ad - Agnew