Boston Massacre - Breaking News

Today you will be making a breaking news report about the Boston Massacre.  Some of you will be creating a news report from the British Perspective (BBC) and some of you will be creating an American colonial perspective (CNN).

You will use the eye witness accounts from the sources linked below to make your report using iMovie.

Here are your requirements:

  • length is between 60 seconds and 90 seconds
  • include the logo of your respective company (BBC or CNN) links to images provided below
  • use the image which best tells your perspective (Revere if colonial perspective, Mora if British perspective) - links to images provided below
  • you must reference at least two individuals and use part of their account
  • when the video is completed it should be upload to YouTube and the link e-mailed to Mr. Langhorst
Background music for the intro or close is not required but if you want to add music you can use Soundzabound, Bensound or the YouTube audio library (I would suggest looking under DRAMATIC as a mood)

Boston Massacre Engraving Analysis

In this activity we will be analyzing one of the most famous images of the American Revolution - Paul Revere's engraving of the Boston Massacre.  This engraving had a powerful impact on public opinion in the colonies toward the British but is extremely inaccurate.

Today we will be analyzing the engraving and making notations on the inaccuracies we see with this document.
I will be addressing roughly 15 features of the engraving in class and you will be annotating these features on your Google Slide. If you want some additional perspectives on the inaccurate features of the engraving please check out this video: