Eric Langhorst - 8th Grade U.S. History / Technology / Broadcasting Teacher
Google Certified Teacher
Discovery Middle School - Liberty, Missouri
E-mail :     Twitter : @elanghorst

1. Add an Image to a Google Doc Using Research Feature (and add automatic citations!)

You can search for information or images directly in the Google Doc app.  Even more powerful, when you add these images or quotes you can automatically create accurate citations and references.

2. Turn a Google Spreadsheet into a Document

Everyone loves a great spreadsheet full of data but often they aren't the easiest thing to read or process when you want to work with that data.  The "Save As Doc" add on makes data from spreadsheets visually appealing to the eye.

3. Make a Google Map from a List of Data

Did you know you can take data from a spreadsheet, import it into a Google Map and in seconds create a custom map?  The tutorial below shows you how to copy data from a table, import it into a spreadsheet and place it on a map in seconds.

4. Set up a Google Alert - Discover When Something New is Posted to the Web About You

You can set up a simple Google Alert which will notify you anytime something about you is added to the web.  It can be set for your name or a specific phrase. You can set it up with a variety of filters and options.

5. Earth View From Google Chrome Extension

Check out this incredible new extension for Google Chrome that opens up a beautiful window to the world each time you open a new tab in Chrome.  Stunning photos of earth from Google Maps which will take your breath away.

6. Connect with an Expert - Connected Classrooms by Google

Google organizes video field trips throughout the year that your class can participate in using Google Hangouts and the Connected Classroom site.  You can check the schedule for upcoming Google Hangouts or view one of the archived field trips.  Talk to experts around the world and connect your students.

7. Google Time Lapse - Seeing Time Change Through Satellite Imagery

Check out this awesome resource from Google which would fit perfectly in a science or social studies classroom.  See the world change in the last 30 years before your eyes in seconds with this amazing site.  How has coal mining impacted Wyoming? Watch Las Vegas grow in the desert while nearby Lake Mead shrinks.  What does your hometown look like in the 30 year time lapse?

8. Share a 360 Degree Picture of Your World Using Google Views

Check out what the world looks like through photospheres - 360 panoramic photos.  You can see the photospheres that others have taken or you can upload and share your own.  

9. Overlay a Historic Map on a Modern Google Map

Search the thousands of maps Google has made available on their Map Gallery and overlay them on top of modern maps.  Many of these maps have layers you can turn off and on to highlight aspect of the data.  Do you like those awesome maps that National Geographic places inside their magazine? Those maps are all available online here. Yes, awesome.

10. Tour Art Museums From Around the World with Google Cultural Institute

Visit museums from all of the world and their artifacts with Google Cultural Institute.  You can examine paintings and artifacts in amazing detail, read a detailed description, listen to an audio description and add it your own collection to view again later.