I am a PhD student in Conservation Science, at the University of Edinburgh. This website contains information about me and my research, as well as other things I find interesting. I hope this will be a good resource for anyone interested in similar topics, or for anyone curious about life as a PhD student. If you have any comments, questions or proposals of any kind - please feel free to contact me using the address below. I'm particularly interested in opportunities for science communication or outreach, and am keen to bridge the science-practice gap.

Emiel de Lange
PhD student @ University of Edinburgh & ICCS, University of Oxford
Twitter: emiel_delange
Research Gate: Emiel de Lange
OrcID: 0000-0002-5853-3657

PhD Project
The title of my PhD is 'Information transfer and the effectiveness of behaviour change strategies in conservation'. This project is at a very early stage (see my blog for updates!). I am interested in understanding how information can be used to change behaviours. I am working with the Wildlife Conservation Society's Cambodia program and examining the increasing issue of wildlife poisoning using toxic pesticides deposited in water sources. I hope to gain an understanding of how and why these new behaviors are occurring and how the flow of information through communities can be harnessed to change these behaviors. In relation to this I'm currently exploring some of the following topics: social marketing techniques, the role of information in shaping institutions, social network analysis, network intervention strategies, decision-making theories, and specialised questionnaire techniques for sensitive behaviours, among other things.

I'm originally from The Netherlands, but I've lived and studied in the UK for a long time. I come from an ecology background, with a Masters by Research in Tropical Forest Ecology. I'm now transitioning into the more multi-disciplinary space of Conservation Science. Broadly I'm interested in the interactions between human societies and the environment, and how social institutions can be developed to manage natural resources sustainably.

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