Welcome to "A Langdon Miter Box Reference." This web site is intended to assist those who wish to research the renowned "Langdon," "Langdon Acme" and "All Steel" hand miter boxes primarily sold by the Millers Falls Company during the 100-year period beginning approximately 1872.

The "Gallery" contains photos of representative examples of the various models of miter box as they are found today.

The Catalogs, Manuals page should be self explanatory.

The "Accessories" page has information about the types of saws and shipping boxes used back in the day.

The Product Timeline page has an outline view of the significant dates in the development and production of these tools.

The Links page provides further avenues for online research, starting with the corporate history of the Langdon Miter Box and Millers Falls Companies.

This web site has no relationship to The Millers Falls Company or to any other product or company. It was built primarily because what online information exists about these specific tools is neither comprehensive nor centrally located. Most of the materials contained in these pages were generously provided by other tool aficionados in response to inquiries that were made to them. Readers of this site who have additional information to share (legally) are invited to use the Contact page. To the extent that other materials are found online elsewhere, appropriate hyperlinks to such pre-existing content have been provided.