Lane Tech Alpha Honors STEM Program

The Lane Tech Alpha Honors Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program is a special honors program that emphasizes STEM curriculum and instruction through integrated curricular offerings and approaches that optimize scientific inquiry and scientific literacy learning, employ problem-solving skills through experimentation, link science and technology to the real world, provide independent research opportunities, and build partnerships with universities, businesses and the community.  As a cohort, Alpha students take specific English, Math, and Science courses which blend the honors curriculum with STEM knowledge and skills. Each year Alpha students independently conduct research and present their project at the annual Lane Tech Science Fair.  

About the Lane Tech Alpha Program
The Alpha Honors STEM Program at Lane Tech College Prep High School is an intensive honors program focusing on science technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), which integrates STEM content with research to ensure students develop the necessary knowledge and skills to be prepared for college and beyond.
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Lane Tech Science Fair 
Lane Tech is proud to host one of the largest science fairs in the district and state with 2 science fairs each year: High School Winter Science Fair and High School Spring Science Fair. The High School Science Fairs in the Winter and Spring each have 50-100 projects of a variety of different categories. 
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Alpha Spotlight
Alpha students are involved in many different activities, either from athletics to the arts. We applaud each students' accomplishments.
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