IEP/504 Resources

Colleges may offer a range of services to support students with an IEP or 504 plan. Some colleges may provide a more comprehensive program, while others may only offer basic accommodations. Some services may require extra fees. Students with an IEP or 504 might consider researching available accommodations provided by each school.

A great resource is the CHOICES FAIR.  CHOICES FAIR is a regional post-secondary planning night for students with learning differences, disabilities, and specials needs who are college bound. In addition to the annual “Choices” Fair, you can refer to the Choices Fair website at for more information on downloadable materials from past programs.

The “Choices” book highlights more than 60 pages of resources for the college search process. Students might want to pay special attention to the section on “Questions to ask during the College Search.” These 20+ questions should be helpful for finding the “best fit.” This book also discusses how disclosing a IEP/504 is a student’s option during the application process. It is important to remember that the admissions committee does not consider a learning challenge when evaluating applications. Instead, disclosing any disability gives context to your transcript and more information about your academic journey. Families may want to make an appointment with the on-campus disability support services office before or after your official campus visit to learn more about available on-campus resources for accommodations.

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