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**BEWARE of any companies that offer to "find you money for college, if you give us your credit card number." Remember that FAFSA has "free" in it's title!!**

Illinois Student Assistance Commission
The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) is a one-stop financial aid center for all college planning needs.

FAFSA Online
Provides information on federal financial aid and tips for completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid on the Web.

Federal Government Program

Federal government program for health professionals willing to trade significant federal aid for a commitment to work in underserved areas.

College Board Online
Financial aid information for parents and students.

College Board Need Analysis
Analysis tool for predicting need based aid eligibility.

Student Financial Aid
Provides links to Internet sources of information about student financial aid.

Financial Aid by State
College planning guides, electronic applications, federal loan information, and links to financial aid opportunities organized by state.

Mapping Your Future
College and career advice for parents and high school students.

College Savings Plan
Go to "Tools & Calculators" section and scroll down to "What will it take to save for a college education" under “Money Management Tools”. Find out how your current college savings plan measures up.

The Education Resources Institute, Inc. is a nonprofit sponsor of private loans for education.

CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE
The financial aid application service of the College Board.

Sallie Mae
Sallie Mae sponsored college financial planning website.