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Naviance Senior Instructions

Naviance Senior Instructions

1.       Login to Naviance at

a.       Forgot your username/password?—see your counselor

2.       Complete “Common App Account Matching.” (Blue text box) To get there, select “College” tab, then “Colleges I’m Applying To”

a.       In order to match your Naviance and Common App accounts, you need to do the following:

                                                       Step 1Create a Common App account at

   Step 2 – Add colleges under “My Colleges” tab

  Step 3 – Click on “Common App” tab, go to “Education” section, and complete “Current or Most Recent High School”

  Step 4 – Go to “My Colleges” tab, select “Recommenders & FERPA,” and click on “Release Authorization. 

 Step 5Sign the CA FERPA Waiver & Authorization

b.       Once you match accounts, your FERPA status can no longer be changed and you cannot unmatch your account.

      Tips to successfully match accounts:
                                                               i.      Make sure you enter the email address that you chose for your Common App account.

                                                             ii.      Make sure your last name matches on your Naviance profile and your Common App account.

                                                            iii.      Make sure your first name or date of birth matches on your Naviance profile and your Common App account.

3.       Enter all schools you are applying to in Naviance.  Select “Colleges I’m Applying To” under the “College” tab.

a.       Include whether you are applying “Early” or “Regular” decision

b.      Indicate whether you will be applying by Common App (only applies to Common App schools)

c.       An icon will show up next to the school indicating what type of submission they will accept (electronic or paper)

4.    Make sure all of your Common App schools in Naviance are listed in your Common App account.

5.    ** If you update your college list after telling your Counselor and/or Teacher where you are applying, you MUST talk with them about also submitting letters to the schools you have added. Otherwise, the newly added schools may not receive your teacher and/or counselor letter of recommendation.

6.     Please email or talk to your counselor if you have any questions about this process!

How to Request Transcripts

For College Applications, Scholarships, Athletics, and NCAA: 

1. Complete the “College Application Materials Request Form.” You can obtain a copy in the College & Career Center or CLICK HERE to download

2. Bring the “College Application Materials Request Form” form to your Counselor who will send your transcript electronically via Naviance. 

3. Allow your Counselor at least 2 weeks for completion. 

How to Request Teacher Recommendations

1.       You need to choose two (2) teachers you would like to get recommendations from, and ask those teachers in person if they are willing to write a recommendation.

2.       Then, in Naviance, select “College” tab, then “Colleges I’m Applying To”

3.       Toward the bottom of the page you will see a “Teacher Recommendations” section

4.       Select “Add/Cancel Request”

Select the teacher(s) from whom you would like a recommendation, add a personal note, and then select “Update Requests”

Complete your “Senior Info Sheet” and “Resume” on Naviance under the “About Me” tab.  (This helps your teacher write your letter of recommendation)

a)      Give your teachers a printed copy of your “Senior Info Sheet” and/or “Resume

Complete and Submit the “TeacherRecommendation Request Form” to your teachers. 

a)      You can obtain a copy in the College & Career Center or CLICK HERE to download

b)      Teachers are not required to provide you with a recommendation. Submitting a request through Naviance is not sufficient enough to obtain a recommendation.

c)       Allow your teacher at least 2 weeks for completion.

How to Request Counselor Recommendations

1.       Complete your “Senior Info Sheet” and “Resume” on Naviance under the “About Me” tab. 

2.       On the “College Application Materials Request Form, check off that you need a counselor recommendation and give to your Counselor. You can obtain a copy in the College & Career Center or CLICK HERE to download.

·         Allow your Counselor at least 2 weeks for completion.

How to Send ACT Score Reports

1. If you did not include a college when you registered for the ACT, then you must send out an official score report. Cost is $12/score report—no fee waiver available.

*Lane Tech DOES NOT and WILL NOT send ACT reports to your schools!

How to Request Application Fee Waivers

*Application fee waivers are available to students who are on free/reduced lunch.

1. Common App fee waivers are sent electronically.
    • In your Common App account, under “Payments,” select “NACAC Fee Waiver”
2. All other fee waivers are requested through your Counselor in person.
    • You will need to mail the fee waiver yourself via snail mail to each college.