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Transcript Request

Please refer to the following chart for Official Transcript & Rec Letter Request Deadlines for College Applications:

 College Application Deadline Transcript/Rec Letter Request Deadline
 November 1st October 18th
 November 15th November 1st
 January 1st December 14th
 January 15th December 18th

Disclaimers:  Colleges and Scholarships have application deadlines!  It is your responsibility to be aware of all deadlines and to submit your materials in a timely matter.  Get your transcript requests in at least 2 weeks in advance to insure delivery. 

In order for Counselors and Teachers to submit your college materials (transcripts, rec letters) electronically, be sure you have completed the Common App Account Matching in Naviance


For College Applications, Scholarships, Athletics, and NCAA: 

1. Complete the “College Application Materials Request Form.” You can obtain a copy in the College & Career Center or CLICK HERE to download

2. Bring the “College Application Materials Request Form” form to your Counselor who will send your transcript electronically via Naviance. 

3. Allow your Counselor at least 2 weeks for completion. 

For an UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT copy, please email or see your Counselor. 


Be sure to ask your teacher in person if they are willing to write a recommendation. Submitting a request through Naviance is not sufficient enough to obtain a recommendation. Then follow these procedures: 

For College Applications: 

1. In Naviance, select “College Home,” then “Letters of Recommendation

2. Select “Add Request”

3. Select the teacher(s) from whom you would like a recommendation, add a personal note, and then select “Submit Request”

a. Be sure to select “All current and future colleges I add to my Colleges I'm Applying To list”
b. Teacher receives an automatic email notification of your request

4. Complete your “Senior Info Sheet” on Naviance under the “About Me” tab.

a. This helps your teacher write your letter of recommendation

5. Allow your teacher at least 2 weeks for completion.

For Scholarship Applications:

1. Register your teacher’s email in your scholarship account and your teacher will receive the notification.

2. If a paper copy is required, please ask your teacher to print out your recommendation letter.


1. Complete your “Senior Info Sheet” and “Resume” on Naviance under the “About Me” tab. 

2. On the “College Application Materials Request Form,” check off that you need a counselor recommendation and give to your Counselor. You can obtain a copy in the College & Career Center or CLICK HERE to download. 

3. Allow your Counselor at least 2 weeks for completion.