NCAA Eligibility

Considering playing a sport at the college level? Not sure where to start?

The NCAA and NAIA are two organizations that govern college athletic programs. They are voluntary organizations that provide a framework for colleges to determine athletic and scholastic eligibility. Both the NCAA and NAIA have similar goals but their eligibility requirements differ significantly. We encourage students and families to consider both options -- there is bound to be an experience that's right for you!

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

NCAA Eligibility website:

Guide for College Bound Student Athletes 2016-2017 NCAA Guide

NCAA Presentation for students NCAA Power Point

2016-2017 Divisions I and II Initial-Eligibility Requirements Quick Reference Sheet

NAIA (National Association for Intercollegiate Athletics)

If you have any questions about the courses you have taken and whether or not you are eligible to consider athletics at a college level, please be sure to schedule a time to meet with your counselor and coach!