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How To Narrow Your College Choices

Don’t begin your college search in a whirlwind. Take time to sit back and carefully assess the kind of characteristics you seek in a college. Think clearly and be honest with yourself. Think about Basics: First consider all the most basic questions you should ask yourself about the college experience you want. Give full thought to each item.

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  • Do you want to stay near home or travel several times a year? (Consider how much travel expenses will cost, especially during holidays)
  • Do you want the fast-paced life of a metropolitan campus or easygoing serenity of a small town college town?
  • Is it import for you to be nearby mountains for skiing or oceans for swimming, etc?
  • What kind of weather do you like?

Student Body:
  • Is a single sex or coed school more your liking?
  • Are you looking for a student body drawn from across the nation or from a smaller geographic area?
  • Do you want to be surrounded by thousands of classmates or only a few hundred?

Academic Requirements:
  • How do you realistically view yourself as a student?
  • Do you have the academic record to be seriously considered by highly competitive institution?
  • Do you want an academically demanding college program or would you prefer a school where you can make respectable grades without knocking yourself out?
  • Do you expect to be aiming for graduate school?
  • Do they have the major you are interested in?

Academic Structure:
  • Do you feel attracted to a larger university encompassing many schools and colleges or to a small single-purpose institution?
  • Does a liberal arts or a professional curriculum seem more in line with your career interests?
  • Do your interests require specialized facilities?
  • Are you looking for a specific major?
  • Do you need a highly structured academics framework in order to work effectively or can you work with a curriculum that allows for independent projects or has no requirements at all?
  • Do you need the incentive of grades or would you work equally well under a pass/fail or comment grading system?

Campus Life:
  • Do you want to live in a dormitory or off campus? How much are the dorms? What is the availability of off campus housing?
  • Is it important to you that there be something happening on campus every minute or would you be happiest in a more leisurely setting?
  • Are you interested in fraternity or sorority life?
  • Are you in a inveterate joiner who is looking for a school with a wide assortment of extracurricular activities?
  • Can you live with restrictions and regulations?
  • Do you want an extensive athletic program?

  • Is your family able to pay the generally higher tuition of a private college (or can you get a scholarship) or does a public college seem more feasible?
  • Are you interested in work-study programs, in which the college officially combines or alternates periods or employment with periods of study? (cooperative education)
  • If you are sure you won’t quality for scholarship assistance, would you be willing to work part-time and/or take loans to pay for your education?