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College Application Deadlines

*Updated September 2015*
This list represents the colleges that Lane students apply to frequently. If a college you plan on applying to is not on the list, then you must be aware of the deadline!  

Confused about the different types of admission deadlines? Click here for Admission Deadline Definitions

American Academy of Art (IL)RollingMar 1stN
Augustana College (IL)Nov 1st Nov 1st Feb 1stApril 1stMar 1stY
Aurora University (IL)RollingApr 15thN
Ball State University (IN)Mar 1stRollingMar 10thN
Beloit College (WI)Nov 1st, Jan 15th Nov 1st, Dec 1stJan 15th Mar 1stY
Benedictine University (IL)May 1stRollingMar 15thN
Boston College (MA)Nov 1stJan 1stFeb 1stY
Boston University (MA)Nov 1stJan 4thFeb 15thY
Bradley University (IL)Nov 30thJan 31stFeb 1stY
Brown University (RI)Nov 1stJan 1stMar 1stY
Butler University (IN)Nov 1stFeb 1stMar 1stY
Calvin College (MI)Feb 1stRolling Feb 15thY
Carleton College (MN)Nov 15th, Jan 15th Jan 15thFeb 15thY
Carroll College (WI)Nov 15thMar 15thApr 15thY
Carthage College (WI)RollingFeb 15thN
Case Western Reserve University (OH)Nov 1st, Jan 15thNov 1stJan 15thFeb 15thY
Central Michigan UniversityNov 15thRollingMar 1stN
Chamberlain College of Nursing (IL)RollingMar 1stN
Chicago State UniversityMay 1stMar 1stY
Clark Atlanta University (GA)Nov 1stMar 1stJun 1stMar 1stY
Columbia College (IL)May 1stRollingMay 1stY
Columbia University (NY)Nov 1stJan 1stMar 1stY
Concordia University (IL)RollingMar 1stN
Cornell University (NY)Nov 1stJan 2ndFeb 15thY
Dartmouth College (NH)Nov 1stJan 1stFeb 1stY
Davidson College (NC)Nov 15th, Jan 2ndJan 2ndFeb 16thY
DePaul University (IL)Nov 15thFeb 1stFeb 1stFeb 15thY
DePauw University (IN)Nov 1stDec 1stFeb 1stFeb 1stY
DeVry University (IL)RollingJune 1stN
Dominican University (IL)June 1stRollingJune 1stN
Eastern Illinois UniversityRollingMar 1stN
Elmhurst College (IL)Dec 1stRollingApr 15thN
Fisk University (TN)Mar 1stMay 1stMar 1stY
Florida A&M UniversityMar 1stMar 1stN
Grand Valley State University (MI)Dec 31stMay 1stMar 1stN
Grinnell College (IA)Nov 15th, Jan 1stJan 15thMar 1stY
Harvard University (MA)Nov 1st *REAJan 1stMar 1stY
Howard University (DC)Nov 1stFeb 15thFeb 15thY
Illinois CollegeDec 1stMar 1stMar 1stY
Illinois Institute of ArtRollingMar 10thN
Illinois Institute of TechnologyDec 1stAug 1stApr 15thY
Illinois State UniversityJan 1stNov 15thApril 1stJun 1stN
Illinois Wesleyan UniversityNov 15thFeb 15thMar 1stY
Indiana State UniversityJun 1stMar 1stN
Indiana University - BloomingtonNov 1stFeb 1stMar 10thN
Indiana University Purdue UniversityMay 1stMar 10thN
Iowa State UniversityJuly 1stMar 1stN
Kalamazoo College (MI)Nov 15th, Feb 15Nov 15thJan 15thFeb 15thY
Knox College (IL)Nov 1st, Dec 1stFeb 1stFeb 1stY
Lake Forest College (IL)Nov 15thNov 15thFeb 15thFeb 21stY
Lawrence University (WI)Nov 1st, Dec 1stJan 15thMar 1stY
Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts (IL)RollingMar 10thN
Loyola University ChicagoDec 1stRollingMar 1stN
Macalester College (MN)Nov 15thJan 15thMar 1stY
Marquette University (WI)Dec 1stRollingFeb 15thY
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)Nov 1stJan 1st2/15/2015N
Miami University (OH)Nov 15thDec 1stFeb 1stFeb 15thY
Michigan State UniversityNov 1stRollingMar 15thN
Michigan Tech UniversityJan 15thRollingMar 1stN
Millikin University (IL)May 1stRollingMar 15thY
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (WI)Dec 1stFeb 15thRollingMar 1stN
Milwaukee School of Engineering (WI)RollingMar 15thN
Monmouth College (IL)Apr 1stNoneMar 1stN
New York UniversityNov 1stJan 1stFeb 15thY
North Central College (IL)RollingApril 1stN
North Park University (IL)Apr 1stRollingFeb 1stN
Northeastern Illinois UniversityJuly 15thFeb 28thN
Northern Illinois UniversityJuly 15thAug 1stMar 1stN
Northern Michigan UniversityRollingMar 1stN
Northwest Missouri State UniversityRollingApr 1stN
Northwestern University (IL)Nov 1stJan 1stFeb 1stY
Oakland University (MI)Aug 1stMar 1stN
Oberlin College (OH)Nov 15th, Jan 2ndJan 15thMar 1stY
Ohio State University - ColumbusNov 1stFeb 1stFeb 15thN
Ohio University - AthensFeb 1stMay 1stMar 15thN
Princeton University (NJ)Nov 1st *READec 15thJan 1stFeb 1stY
Purdue University (IN)Feb 1stRollingMar 1stY
Ripon College (WI)Jan 15thRollingMar 1stY
Rockford College (IL)RollingMar 1stN
Roosevelt University (IL)RollingApr 1stN
Seton Hall University (NJ)Nov 15th, Dec 15thFeb 1stMar 1stFeb 15thY
Southern Illinois University - CarbondaleMay 1stFeb 15thN
Southern Illinois University - EdwardsvilleDec 1stMay 1stMar 1stN
Spelman College (GA)Nov 1stNov 15thFeb 1stMar 1stY
St. Louis University (MO)Dec 1stRollingMar 1stN
St. Mary's University (MN)RollingMar 1stN
St. Norbert College (WI)Mar 17thRollingMar 1stY
Stanford University (CA)Nov 1st *REAJan 3rdFeb 15thY
Tennessee State UniversityAug 12thMar 1stN
Truman State University (MO)Dec 1stRollingApr 1stY
University of ArizonaMay 1stMar 1stN
University of ChicagoNov 1stJan 1stFeb 15thY
University of DenverNov. 1stNov 1stJan 15thMar 10thY
University of Dubuque (IA)RollingApr 1stY
University of Illinois - ChicagoNov 2ndJan 15thMar 1stY
University of Illinois - Urbana ChampaignNov 1stDec 1stMar 15thN
University of Iowa - Iowa CityApr 1stJan 1stN
University of Kansas - LawrenceNov 1stApr 1stMar 1stN
University of Michigan - Ann ArborNov 1stFeb 1stApr 30thY
University of Minnesota - MinneapolisDec 15thRollingMar 1stN
University of Missouri - ColumbiaDec 1stRollingMar 1stN
University of Nebraska - Lincoln3/1/2015April 1stN
University of Notre Dame (IN)Nov 1stJanuary 1stFeb 15thY
University of PennsylvaniaNov 1stJan 5thMar 1stY
University of Wisconsin - MadisonNov 1stFeb 1stFeb 15thN
University of Wisconsin - MilwaukeeMar 1stRollingMar 1stN
University of Wisconsin - ParksideMar 1stRollingMar 15thN
University of Wisconsin - Stevens PointRollingJune 15thN
University of Wisconsin - WhitewaterMay 1stMar 15thN
Valparaiso University (IN)December 1stRollingMar 1stY
Vandercook College of Music (IL)Apr 1stRollingMar 1stN
Washington University in St. Louis (MO)Nov 15thJan 15thFeb 1stY
Western Illinois UniversityDec 1stAug 1stFeb 1stN
Western Michigan UniversityFeb 1stAug 1stMar 15thN
Winona State University (MN)Mar 1stMar 1stN
Wittenberg University (OH)Nov 15thDec 1st, Jan 15thMar 15thMar 15thMar 10thY
Wright State University (OH)RollingFeb 15thN
Yale University (CT)Nov 1st *READec 31stMar 1stY