College Prep

Freshman Year Tips 

o Participate in summer learning/service/employment opportunities that match your career interests

o Get to know your guidance counselor and the postsecondary education staff in your school

o Develop a four year individual leaning plan that's aligned with your college and careers goals

o Study hard and develop critical thinking, problem-solving, reading, test-taking skills

o Get active in extracurricular activities

o Participate in college/career awareness and exposure programs (financial aid workshops/college fairs)

o Meet with you counselor to review EXPLORE scores and discuss your progress toward completing the CPS requirements for graduation

Sophomore Year Tips

o Strive for academic success!

o Review PLAN results with your counselor and make sure you are on track for graduation

o Note: 20 service learning hours must be completed by end of sophomore year

o Continue attending college fairs.

o Review college admissions requirements

o Begin conducting scholarship searches

Junior Year Tips

o Continue extracurricular involvement

o Select and research 10 institutions (universities, colleges, technical programs)

o Participate in college fairs and tours

o Participate in ACT/SAT test preparation courses

o Register for ACT/SAT exams

o Research and apply to college access programs (Chicago Scholars/Posse)

Senior Year Tips

o Meet with your counselor to ensure that graduation requirements have been met

o Register to retake ACT/SAT exam (if necessary)

o Apply for your FAFSA/Financial Aid (see financial aid link)

o Narrow down college choices

o Apply/follow up on college applications

o Use spring break to visit/contact college campus locations and make any necessary contact to schools you have been accepted

o Review college acceptance letters and compare to help you chose the college that best fits YOU

o Inform schools of acceptance

o Get summer jobs to save money (college can be expensive!)